Where is more work for Class2 Derby or Nottingham

Hi Guys just to let you know I’m about to move out to these area but still considering the decision Workwise and House Price wise if you are renting.

Could you please advice me where is More work for Class C drivers Derby or Nottingham? And Also House Price wise if you plan to rent 2 bedroom house which location out of there 2 is better to live in.

Would appreciate an honest feedback Thanks in advance as I’m really concerned as both places are tempting house price wise let’s say 2 bed house for £395 pcm is a bargain u won’t get for example in Oxford where u get a Double room for this price, and a 2 bed house there starts at 1100 £ Pcm.

I made a similar move 40 years ago from Watford to Mansfield based on house prices. And I’ve never looked back. There’s work in both areas but, as you would expect, more of it for Class 1. I have a preference for Nottingham but that’s probably because I know it better. Be careful with the very inexpensive housing - - there’s a reason for it! Both cities have extremely rough areas, loads of very acceptable and some posh. If you can, increase your housing budget a bit to move into the “acceptable”.

A major Class 2 employer is B. Taylor Transport which is based just off Junc 28 so equally suited to both cities.

If I can help further, feel free to pm me.

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Just a thought, don’t Boots in Nottingham run a big fleet of class 2’s & I know it’s easy to say, but, think about buying a house, it’s a lot cheaper than renting (in the long run) save like mad for a couple of years get a significant deposit together, with any luck, by then, house prices should have dropped, making it a bit easier to get on the ladder.

Not sure where more work is for class 2 drivers round here depending what type of work your after there’s anything from general to tipper work probably one of the best paided rigid jobs I know round here is Holland and Barrett at Burton upon trent there paying round about 30k a year I heard the other week but it’s hard graft ! Store work and high streets not for everyone ! Another 1 could be the Coop at Castlewood near Jct 28 of M1 as they have rigids but store work again . Otherwise wage wise u will be looking from 7 quid a hour upwards or average salary of 22-25 K salary round here there’s plenty of firms to go at some better than others as someone else has said Taylor’s in Mansfield have a big fleet of class 2’s I’ve not personally worked for them but there reputation goes ahead of them and I doubt they will pay much more than 7-8quid an hr .

If your looking for properties in Notts or Derby then Id say get ya self on Rightmove Or Zoopla which will give you the general pricing for the area… even better if you can get hold of the local rags

Not sure about work though, Boots do operate a fair size fleet of trucks but I found a lot of operators are down Northampton way…

Hi, I have lived in both areas ,you can look in the areas of Nottingham near the M1 which would give you access to both if needed
there is alot a choice regarding housing check NG 9 Beeston area which offers good value and choice and its near Boots and other depots. The cost of living is much cheaper than Oxford, I made the move over to East Midlands area 28 years ago and have not regretted it.