Where am I?

What road and where?



Sorry ROG miles out mate


A63 going to hull


Nope lads sorry will give clues if I can think of ones that wont give it away too much

is it the a34 just as you come up to the evesham a44 turn off?

How about A500 (D road) - East of M6 J16 going towards Stoke-on-Trent?

nope lads sorry :smiley:

clue 1. Red trucks are a common site on this road.
clue 2. you are 10miles away form a scania dealer

a19 just by peterlee

Bailey correct road but wrong area.

clue 3. You might see monks around here a few hundred years ago

A19 by mount grace priory?

Red trucks= Prestons of Potto
10 miles from Thirsk Scania,next to the A19.


Well done Knight and Quinny Mount grace priory is just over that hill and the Jct I have just passed is the A684 for Northallerton