When do you classify as night shift?

In UK if I start work at 14:00 and finished at 00:30 or for example finished at 01:00 or 02:00, is this classed as night shift with 10 hours work every 24 hours rule?

And vice versa when you start before 04:00 but not from 00:00, for example start at 03:00.

Or do you have to do them all from 00:00 to 4:00 to classify as night shift? I tried to search about this, but I couldn’t find a good explanation anywhere.

Another question: If I started at 08:00 in day 1 and finished at 19:30 in day 2 (10 hours driving), can I start at 4:30 after 9 hours rest? Or it is a problem because from 8am (Day 1) till 8am (Day 2) it would be more than 10 hours within 24h? Thanks.

From Drivers’ hours and tachographs: goods vehicles - Annex 2. Working time rules - Guidance - GOV.UK
“* night work: if night work is performed, working time must not exceed 10 hours in a Night time is the period between 00.00 and 04.00 for goods vehicles and between 01.00 and 05.00 for passenger vehicles. The 10-hour limit may be exceeded if this is permitted under a collective or workforce agreement”

Any time from midnight to 04hr00 is night work, so if you work inside those hours, it counts.

What if you start ten minutes before 04hr00? Half hour? An hour? 3hrs 59mins before 04hr00?
Any work in the period counts.

Current regs say you can drive up to 10 hrs (twice in a fixed week) between daily rests. (Not 10hrs in a 24hr period)
"Daily driving time Daily driving time is either:

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Thanks very much for your reply.

Regarding night shift: If I finished at 00:01 (only 1 minute after) or if I start at 3:59 (only 1 minute before) it classed as night shift, right?

Regarding 10 hours within 24 hrs: That is, if I understood correctly, on day 2 I can work at 4:30 after 9 hours rest, no matter if I do more than 10 hours in 24 hours, right?

The rules do not say that it only counts as night work if you work ALL the period from 00hr00 to 04hr00. So 1min is enough.

Many years ago the interpretation was of 10hrs drive in a day (of 24hrs), but that was cleared up long ago. A daily rest period resets the clock to zero.
Only two 10hr drives in a fixed week. (reset 24hrs00 Sunday)

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Just to be sure, but this counts for EU rules or even on UK rules?

I’m not sure if I understood this https://jameshartchorley.co.uk/the-driving-hours-rules-for-uk-and-eu-drivers/ GB rules line 1.

I was assuming that like the vast majority of UK drivers you are under Eu rules.
I should have checked.

Are you excepted from Eu rules but remain under GB Domestic rules?
If not you, are under Eu rules along with most UK drivers.

The exceptions to Eu rules are in the link above: Go to
Overview, then Exceptions and Derogations.

If you are talking about the article you linked GB Rules line 1…?
That applies only to those outside of the normal Eu rules which we (almost) all run to.

Unless you are exempt from Eu Rules, maybe ignore the GB Domestic rules altogether?

I’m from EU but working in UK

Mine is nice and simple, my night shift is 10pm to 6am, which is why I’m posting at this ridiculous time. :+1:

Thats a nice shift if its regular. Out after the roadworks queues and quietest roads.

It is, we work 3 earlies (6am-2pm) 3 lates (2pm-10pm) 3 rest. 3 variables (could be earlies, lates or nights depending on shortfall on other shifts) 3 nights (10pm-6am) 3 rest and repeat. I preferred our old shift pattern of 3e, 3l, 3r. 3e, 3l, 3r. 3e, 3l, 2r. 6n, 4r and repeat.