When did it ???

When did the cafe on the N/B A1 just before the Worksop roundabout burn down ■■? Never been in it myself and looks as if my last chance just got up and went.

Must be getting on for a couple of years now I guess. Stopped there quite a few times and it was always decent food. Pity they haven’t replaced it.

KV i think you are thinking of Marios thats north of the roundabout.

The one south of the roundabout as far as a i am aware has been out of action for about 6 months at a good guess maybe less than that.

That one about 300 yards south of Worksop roundabout burnt down 5 weeks ago, it was quite intensive when it went up. If I think right it was on the Sunday Night but rumour has it that the Generator was out of action and too expensive to fix, however, the cabins themselves cannot be insured but the contents can, but it cant be replaced as the council has an order in place stating that once they are removed the site must be left vacant, they cant even renew the buildings as they are all under a 2 year notice of termination of rights to make way for the 3 lanes thats going to be put in.

Thats what Neil on the Southbound cafe says, just after Elkesley Village.