What's your poison?

marstons smooth or cobra for me ,a pint and a half and iam a sleep ,although I’ve been a wine and cider fan ginger beer ect but I end up back with the smooth however I’ve heard people say you wouldn’t drink it if you knew what they did to it !

Carling, Gallons of the the stuff :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
Mind you now i’m getting older once iv’e popped i canna stop :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I love bottled ales, especially anything from Williams Bros in Alloa. But they don’t seem to like me!!! 3 bottles and the next morning my head feels like I’ve had 23 bottles.[emoji37]
I tend to just stick to Guinness now cos its the only thing that likes me. No sore heads or hangovers, even after 8 cans.[emoji1]

I’m liking this at the moment, 5% and a decent tasting lager.
groceries.asda.com/asda-webstore … ct/1219836

Wine gums. Can’t get enough of them. Other than that Toro Loco (mad bull) red wine from aldi and san miguel

Tiger, Cobra, Becks, Kronenbourg, San Miguel, Grolsch, Tsingtao, Peroni, Duvel. I think I missed something

Cask ales for me every time,ossett brewery yorkshire blonde been one of my favourites.
Also like the bottled ales when I’m at home,
I used to drink mega amounts of lager but since I stoped smoking I can’t stand the stuff.

Carlsberg export,Stella,Carling then a nice shot of Jamesons or Bushmills

Thatchers Gold for availability but prefer their Old Rascal, really.

I’m sampling a few of the Eastern lagers at the moment, mainly stuff from China, India and Japan. On a night out I’m partial to Southern Comfort (no ice, no mixer) but it makes me forget stuff, but as I’m the worlds friendliest drunk no harm comes of it.

Stella it’s the only real option [emoji482]

Stella it’s the only real option [emoji482]

oooooofttttt wife beater :laughing: ,cant drink that stuff it brings me out in a bad red rash,fosters is the strongest i can sup :unamused:

Kronenbourg 1664, you know when you’ve had a few!

Kronenbourg 1664, you know when you’ve had a few!

I’ve seen a few Kronenbourg girls in my time. You know the ones, 16 from the back, 64 from the front! :blush:

Used to love cider,any kind as long as it had at least driven past an orchard (white lightning etc :laughing: )but unfortunately my guts are now rather sensitive (wonder why!)so back to lager,Corona, Sol or Peroni

Marstons pedigree,thwaites wainwrights,hobgoblin,theakstons bitter,just some that d the job for me.
regards dave.

Tiger, Cobra, Becks, Kronenbourg, San Miguel, Grolsch, Tsingtao, Peroni, Duvel. I think I missed something

Yeah, Alcoholics anonymous whoops lol :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Vodka; I drink for the effect, not the taste. Usually straight, sometimes with tonic water. The most I’ve ever drank in a day is one litre. Not that much to a full blown alcoholic, but enough to kill most of my mates. Boy was I drunk. I was in the best place for it though, Vondelpark in Amsterdam on the hottest day of the year.

If I’m not on a mission to get absolutely ■■■■ faced, I like a nice strong IPA to wash a good meal down with.

In the pub - 1664

At home - Sam Miller Gin & Tonic, ice and a slice

I ventured to the pub a few a weeks ago for the first time in 18 months ,had a pint and half of Abbott Ale ,that seamed pretty strong for 5% ,had to go home before I needed carrying !