Whats up with this site

I have been trying to login to this site all weekend with no luck, under my user name dieseldog6, the contact us section does not seem to be working, Rikki if you read thiis can you please sort it out if possible Email is cliffjona@msn.com.

I have had to reregister, but i’m missing out on all the threads i was watching.

Thanks Cliff.

What messages are you getting when trying to log in? Have you tried clearing your cookies.

I have checked my e-mail, not recieved any… :frowning: from our end as far as I know no-one has changed anything on your account - try clearing your cookies and temp internet files.

hello I had the same problem and asked two people Rikki was
the quickest and solved my problem follow his words of
advice and you will get on to the site, by the way a
ANOTHER Big thank you Rikki;
as I am not the best with a PC, :smiley: :smiley: