Whats the furthest you have done in one hit!

Mine was Navaro to Stratford Lift…

Trenton OH to Winnipeg MB double manned, Grand Forks ND to Black river falls WI solo.

Dewsbury to Dover and back.

Mind you,it was in a transit van some years ago,that would only do about 60mph flat out.

However,in a truck,I did Leeds-Lowestoft-Great Yarmouth x 2-Norwich,and back to Wakefield in a day.


J22 M1 to LLANDYBIE (near Ammanford) - 4.5 hours - 6 wheeler flatbed rigid loaded with sheet steel. - some years ago - too old to do that now in one hit :frowning:

medway services to poplars lymm 4hr28.en route4 brews via 24v kettle…then 9 mins ■■■■■■ like a cart horse at lymm :angry: .now,due to the axor bein my unfortunate mode of transport,cant do more than 2hrs before me back gives out!

Use to leave zona franca, Barcelona every friday afternon and get saturday afternoons boat from Caen to Portsmouth. Shower before getting off the boat and park up in pompey and in the pub for last orders. Did that nearly every week for a year or so. Loved it. Probably get locked up for doing it now.

peterborough to lisbon, only once and never again

regular milan to calais one hits.
back in the good days.i was younger then and threw the discs away as soon as i filled them up
used to have 11 and 12 hundred ks on the discs,i had to throw them away.
i wouldnt do it now or couldnt should i say.

zona france = ■■■■ hole lol

god im glad i forgot that place

prato to dover via the frejus then went clubbing in nu-age, them were the days :question: :question:

Could someone please explain to me why any of you would want to be admitting to any of these ridiculous runs? On a public forum?

Le Havre - Villajoyosa (just outside Benidorm) in a knackered old Iveco van 22 hrs non stop except fuel and pee, sandwiches on the road. Didn´t want to stop in France nd when in Spain thought I was nearly home
Killed me for the next three days, lesson learned :blush: .

chill out Lucy, like they are saying they did it in the old days, when it was easier to get away with. Not that they would do it these days (would they)?

I’m asking from the point of view of someone who used to run bent, lost a good friend too soon because he killed himself - literally - running bent, and who can’t understand why people would want to boast about it in retrospect. I just don’t get it. :confused:

(Although I suspect I’ve just made myself into a hypocrite by posting the first part of the sentence above… :blush: )

Fort William to Weymouth :blush: , this was 35 years ago, ok its no excuse but I was young and irresponsible in those days. Now I am just old and irresponsible :wink:


not bragging lucy, someones asked a question, and we’re replying.
these runs used to be the norm, as in you drove until you got tired.
fair comment too, a lot never made it home.

The train to Jabbeke !! God i was Knackerd !!

The train to Jabbeke !! God i was Knackerd !!

:open_mouth: :confused: In less than 2 hours ? :laughing:

I one-hitted Moscow back to the Polish border at Brest a couple of times, IIRC it’s about 1000km . It used to take about 18 hours of driving but eu tacho rules didn’t apply.

My dad did Valencia to Calais In 23hrs In the 80s of course
He loaded thursday night and was in Ripon (North Yorks) Sat mornin