What's the advantages of relocating?

Well, working for a Belgian company is pretty darned fine.
The only thing is, I don’t get home much.

Is it worth relocating to Belgium or Southern Holland?
The yard is 40 mins or so east of Brugges, so Zeebrugge, Oostende, Antwerp Gent enclose the Belgian areas closest. Since it’s near the Dutch border, some of the southern Dutch villages out there would be reasonably close too.

What’s the opinion on this idea? Any idea of the comparative costs of living there as opposed to the UK?

Forgot to ask about swapping licences, and whether that would be a problem too.
I’m already paying my income tax in Belgium… does this impact things?

Anywhere has got to be better than Weston hasn’t it , Allikat? :wink: :wink:

I think it depends on whether you want to rent or buy a property,but whichever you choose it’s going to be VERY EXPENSIVE in the area’s you mention.

Anywhere near the coast is horrificly pricey,and Holland is also very expensive,that’s why there are so many dutch people living just over the border in Belgium.

As for the licence,I still have my UK one,even though it’s been renewed recently.
But if you want to change to a Belgian one then you need a medical pass from the doctor,and not any doctor can do it,it has to be a special one,but your boss should be able to fix that for you.
Then it’s just a case of going to the local town council and swapping it,but you have to hand over your UK licence to them and they send it back to Swansea telling them that you’ve changed.

beware of the tax system in belgium its crap.you pay your monthly tax on your wages but what you are not told by the bosses is you get a tax form at end of year.the companies only pay so much tax and if you havent paid enough you will get a bill,i was caught out by n.d silo in brugge didnt take enough tax and i got clobbered,1st for 1500 euro then 2500,total 4000euros…the tax office realised they made a mistake and said they owed me 1760 euro.but i had to pay off the 4000 before i got my 1760 back…this is not a joke or a wind up this actually happened to me.so check out those so called good paying jobs because to make them look good you might not be paying enough tax and its not the bosses they go to,its you the driver,so beware of belguim,i know i worked ther for 10 yrs and lived there for 6,the best thing to do is work from the uk for them,dont register there unless you 100% sure you know the score.or you live with a belgian,