Whats in your daily bag?

Hi all,

Just want some information on what things you take with you when out driving at work? I know food is one thing but what else when your in the cap most of the day?

Things I can think of are only torch, phone, charger(12v socket style), satnav,wallet with card(cpc, digi taco)

any others things that may help?

Pain killers and the likes are handy just in case.

Some form of multi-tool. Bulb kit maybe. I tramp so I car’s worth of “just in case” gear.

I’d also suggest sunglasses

Bogroll. Never leave yard without it!

Captain Caveman 76:
Bogroll. Never leave yard without it!

Errrr…You need something to make a brew with!! Most Important item!

Oats hay :grimacing:

road map, waterproofs, pens, kitchen roll (for mirrors), notepad, cap. ive got a tyre tread indicator but only because it was in my car. id only use it if a tyre looked borderline to check so i havent yet.

Tea mug!

Food milk tea bags sweets sat nav pain killers gloves iPhone lead plasters
But most stuff stays in truck all the time as I’m a semi tramper and use same truck all the time

Cheap spare phone payg on a different network to your main one,phone charger clipboard,pens torch,wipes,gloves,bin bag (not as daft as it sounds wet clothes keep them separate ).
Flat and posi screwdrivers,spare laces can be a day saver.3 spare tachograph rolls.


I like Evil’s suggestion now your class 1 got room for a Barratt snipers rifle or an rpg. :grimacing:

Spare tacho rolls, emergency overnight kit (underwear, toothbrush, soap etc), emergency pee bottle, emergency reflective blanket, drink and emergency rations (chocolate and nuts), inflatable pillow for snoozes, portable DAB radio, gloves, spare hi-viz, last 28 days of work/driving records.

I’m a supermarket driver so don’t do overnights, but I have 2 bags a daily one and one for winter, (I travel the A9 a lot and take it based on weather conditions and other factors). Daily bag, has Gloves, torch, truckers map, sandwiches and juice, sunglasses, spare tacho paper, Ipod and phone charging cable, pens and clipboard. Emergency bag has - Sleeping bag, pillow, coldweather kit, couple of ration packs and a emergency cooker that I can use inside truck.

Carrier bag, Bluetooth, dirty hi-viz, accident form, petrol station sunglasses, crayons and colouring in book, picture of my Mum with her teeth in, etc…

…picture of my Mum with her teeth in, etc…

The folk in this waiting room must think I’ve lost the plot, nearly bloody choked laughing at that.

You knob

Would have thought a couple of you might have some Brasso or Silvio in your bags, but not sure what bells are made of these days. I think most are lacquered now.

immodium !!! learnt from experience :frowning: once spent most of the night in the back squatting over carrier bags .

Yeah always have imodium, anadin sunglasses gloves torch screw driver and bulbs Loads of food and drink sleeping bag wash kit. A mobile phone with Internet on so you can go on adult work if you end up on a night out and don’t wanna be lonely.

Lol must get me a day bag!