What Would Happen If Caught?

One of our drivers last night ran out of time, 15 hours.He pulled out his card.

A driver from our place recovered him and drove him back to our place, in a company truck, he had at this stage been out for 17 hours.Went home.

He came back 7 hours later saying he had 9 hours off !

I know he has taken the piddle, but what are the implications if he gets caught.

Oh, another one, our manager told him not to book off on the 17 hour point, records will show 15 hours and he will get paid the extra 2 hurs on another day.

Ok I know this is wrong, again.

But same question, whats the punishment if caught ?

(It was not me :wink: )

Insufficient daily rest and with it being 2 hours I think its a £200 fine

Likely that the TC in that area would be interested in both driver and company