what weight?

just a quick question,
i was wondering what weight those car transporters are empty? was thinking that even with a full load they are not gonna get anywhere near 44t so that might be why they always seem to get the drop on me when setting off when loaded, bearing in mind i usually am on tankers with around 28t of load and about 14t of unit and trailer

I drive a wagon and drag mucky and empty i way just over the 23 ton mark, Them ontime and walon trucks with 8 landrovers on are just about 44 ton mate

Mine’s a 9 car artic plated at 31t GTW. I think it’s about 20 tonnes empty as the trailers are heavy with lifting gear and metal decks etc. The PTO gearbox and oil tank also add a bit of weight to the unit.

cheers guys, but that blows my theory out the water then lol, i as stated was under the impresion that they/you were a fair bit under 44t as whenever we all get to the bottom of a hill eg on the motorways etc, they seem to be able to pull away/up quicker than i do (and others) with same / similar motors