What types of bonus schemes are out there now?

When I used to drive trucks, I used to get paid two weekly bonus payments. The first for bringing the truck back with its mirrors and tail lights intact every week and another for washing off the truck once a week. Another company at the time offered me a job with a mileage bonus, which I declined on the spot as I pointed out I wasn’t going to be penalised by getting stuck in traffic or waiting to get unloaded at drops, this much to the interviewers disdain, but hey I am there to earn money, not lose it. :slight_smile:

Question: What sorts of bonus payments typically get offered out there nowadays? Reason I ask is because I typically see driving jobs advertised with top end figures quoted as ‘including bonus payments and allowances’. Do these bonus payments tend to be small amounts or quite significant elements of those figures? The fuel saving bonus I am particularly intrigued with, as how do you achieve that with thousands of trucks stuck in accident and roadwork queues every day?

All input would be gratefully received :unamused:

Previous employer , we had attendance bonus :unamused: £10/day. Damage bonus £40/wk and fuel bonus £50. Over 8mpg. £35 7.5-8mpg £20 7-7.5 mpg. Per week that is . We also had a fixed basic &nite out payment .

Present employer hourly paid and £20 damage/ cleaning bonus

Thanks Mikey. :slight_smile:

If bonus payments are not that significant, it does make you wonder why some drivers ‘bust a gut’ and risk losing their licenses by driving around like lunatics all day long? :confused: