what to do?

I’ve got the last part of my cpc next week ive got my class 2 licence I want to get a class 1 licence asap but should I get experience driving a class2 for a bit before I train for class 1 of just go for it? Am I more employable with a class 1 licence? Also where can I get a application for for Digi tacho card?

It’s reasonably simple. If funds are available, go for CE. You will be more employable and you’ll have much more scope. But if you need to save up again (that’s perfectly normal!) then try for C work until you can do CE.

I don’t recommend going into debt for training unless you have an attractive, firm job offer at the end of it.

Use this for digicard gov.uk/government/publicati … river-card

Hope this helps, Pete :laughing: :laughing:

Ok cheers the funds arnt there just wondered if it would be worth borrowing it if I’m more employable then get it paid off. Thanks for the link.

Peter Smythe:
I don’t recommend going into debt for training unless you have an attractive, firm job offer at the end of it.

Its difficult to get a start as a new pass(just ask Damian88!) so dont get a mountain of debt for a class CE. When I passed mine it was almost 18 months before I drove an artic due to the 2yr ■■■■■■■■.
Not sure I buy the “it makes you more employable” thing that a lot of guys say but I might be wrong. But without a firm job offer,I wouldnt spend the £1000 for a CE just yet.
When I was doing my CE test it was a year after my class C and the examiner was saying I had done it the right way,getting some C experience first.
But I was always using Class C to get to the CE as thats the one I wanted. If your not too bothered about it then I would def wait a bit. Even a year till your ILA is available for a £200 start to the cost

Sound like a sensible idea to wait from what you lads have said especially with a family to support, what is the ILA?

experience is what makes you more employable. Do your CE but don’t expect to be in employment right away. I did mine just over 1 month ago registered with 6 agencies only 1 of them getting me 1-2 days a week. Some weeks jack all. Good luck.

Hi Lee

Luckily for you the catchment area you live in there is a massive shortage of CE drivers (Sherburn in Elmet and Normanton especially) I’ve trained drivers recently who have gone more a less straight into CE employment.

Only you can make that decision based on your finances.

Paul :smiley: