What not do on a C&E test in Wolverhampton!

What an experience! Had the 2:30 C&E test yesterday at featherstone,test was running late, and the first manouvre was the left reverse,had been struggling with this in traininig,
Reversing first out of the markers ,too much lock on almost ending up in a jacknife position,took a shunt forward to straighten up,got backed into the bay straighter than i’d ever been,problem was i couldnt see the cheat mark on the rear mudflap of the drag trailer, stopped and got out to have aglance,i was a foot shy of the blackmark,jumped back into reverse a foot,went back 3 foot!!!
All i could see in the mirror,was the examiner trying to prop the barrier up :blush: :blush:
Realising i,d blown my test within five minutes of being in the truck,then did controlled stop which was fine,
then out on to the open road, Heading to Cannock to the approaching the silly isles roundabouts,about to enter the first roundabout was in the right hand lane signalling right ,roundabout was clear,other than a car right on the other side,a gold alfa romeo reg IEZ 4114,Entered the roundabout just changing up to 5th,the cab was along side the roundabout and the rear of the trailer was coming on to the roundabout,the alfa was about 50 foot away ,and started sounding the horn. He then overtook me on the roundabout on the left,slew his car in front of me,forcing me to a stop,he jumped out of the car,and came to the cab,shouting and screaming,he got my door open and tried to drag me out saying that i’d cut him up on the roundabout,which was’nt the case,even the examiner stated! Fortunatley the examiner got his attention,and the cab doors got closed and locked! the bloke appearerd to be lost,and eventually just drove off at speed! Shaken up by what had happened,we started heading back to the test centre, just short of the test centre traffic was coming towards me,also a ruddy police car with blues and two’s blairing,oncoming in my side of the road! forcing me up the kerbside,so he could pass by! not to worry test was already Well blown by then, Didnt even do the uncouple as it wouldnt have changed the result! The examiner (roy timmins) was a great guy,and saved me from a reet pasting from the alfa driver! But think i’ll be doing the retest up here nevertheless!!! :smiley:

Hi Daz thanks for the PM!

Im so sorry that some moron ruined your chance and an experience! :smiling_imp:

Dont worry you will pass, and Roy is a really nice bloke i have met him! :smiley:

You will do it next time im sure, keep me informed please! :stuck_out_tongue:

Crazy, must be a brave or stupid man (thinking the latter) to use his car to box in an artic and then try and tackle the driver out of the cab.

Sounds like everyone’s worst test nightmare. Still, don’t give up, surely your next test can only go better :wink:

I used to work with a guy who failed his bus test because some driver gave him road rage.

The examiner said he wouldn’t have failed becuase he had not done anything wrong untill … but he failed becuase he got out of the bus (left the engine running apparently) and kicked crap outta the guy.

Made me smile when he told me.

Mate… i am so gutted for you.

Can believe some pillock undertook you and then started giving you jip!!! Surprised you didn’t get out and clock him yourself mate.

As you said before, you have the test experience now, and that counts for allot, trust me i know!!!

Take it easy fella. :smiley:

Really sorry to hear that you failed and that some prick had a go at you. :frowning:

Good luck for retest.


Unlucky mate better luck next time. I am sure it will go your way.

Come on all you delivery drivers!

A gold alfa romeo reg IEZ 4114.

It must live somewhere■■? :smiling_imp:

i get that all the time mate, …cars and white vans ,… :sunglasses: :sunglasses: they are all in such a ■■■■ hurry …,just really bad luck you were on ya test… better luck next time mate