What kit?

I’m sure this has been posted before but not sure what’s happening with the search function. It seemed to pull up everything and anything non-related to my search terms.
Anyway, I will hopefully be getting a couple of agency shifts in the next week. What kit would be recommended for a first timer? I haven’t got a clue what I should/could need. Please help me out with a few experienced tips.

Obviously it depends on the type of work you’ll likely undertake but here’s a few basics.

HiVis Vest
Steel Capped Boots
Hard hat if going to be anywhere near a building site or other work.

Pen for writing tacho’s
Digicard if you’ve got one
Driving Licence
Relevant previous tacho’s after 1st shift

A tape measure to check how high the vehicle or load is
Mobile phone (get the traffic office tel. number too)

A few quid in your pocket
Something to eat / drink

A book or some other distraction is also well worth it, 9 times out of 10 when you haven’t got anything you end up hanging around for ages.

There’s a whole mountain of other stuff that you could take but the above would probably do you.

a torch.
you might not need it when you start but might need it towards the end of the shift!

plenty of ■■■■ (if you smoke)
a note pad for directions or phone numbers, forgot mine once and had to write things on the back of the sun visor (not good on your first day) but good for if you need them again

Search on “What’s in your/my bag”

A cheap digital camera - for mishaps and damaged goods. An MP3 player for when you’ve had enough of reading and haven’t got the keys to listen to the radio. :wink:

Toothpicks/Cocktail sticks. There is nothing more annoying than having something stuck in your teeth and having no means to remove it. :laughing: Especially when you are sat somewhere for hours.

A ‘dining fork’. It’s late. You’re hungry. You spot a ‘chippy’ or a ‘chinky’, with just sufficient room to stop for long enough to pick up a meal. Which then brings us on to Wet Wipes, because you want the fork to be clean for the next time. :sunglasses:

Cable ties. Long ones. For when bits start to fall off. As they will invariably do. :unamused: The vehicle. Not the person. :open_mouth: Electrical tape is also useful. Black and yellow for making up a number plate that has been left on a trailer some two hours away. :smiling_imp:

Plastic banding. Easily storeable, but, along with the electrical tape, can be used to hold bits together or, inside a fridge, or suchlike, can serve as a limited form of load restraint when no other is available. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys, some good, basic information there. I’m sure I will forget something that I need when I eventually get a shift. At least this post will get me partially prepared :smiley:

Since it’s not been mentioned I’d like to suggest adding a big bottle of water/refreshing drink of your choice - if it’s hot and you’re hanging about for while or you get a cab with the heater jammed on then you’ll get well thirsty :wink:

not been doing it long myself but i find some sweets of some kind to much on while bored stuck at 56mph :slight_smile:

any yeah a huge bottle of water / generic brand energy drink (prefer the latter tbh, currently doing scrap tyres in a 7.5tonner, dont need goto gym at end of week anymore lol)

Few bits and bobs i always carry with me now (some said before)

A torch (in winter a must for checkin trailers or early morning starts)
Screwdriver (reversable if poss or 2 screwdrivers)
Notepad and plenty of pens (where DO they all go??)
Assorted medication (Anadin, Imodium and the like. You never know!)
Reading material, Nintendo DS, etc (you usually always need something to while away the hours)
Clipboard (handy for storing timesheets, defect sheets, paperwork, etc)
In car/lorry mobile phone charger (always runs out when you least want it to. Remeber and switch to 12v though!)
Rain jacket (lightest possible just to keep you dry for getting back in the cab. I keep a full set in my bag as there’s nothing worse than driving in wet jeans!)