What is wrong with this site?

Why does it take so damm long to get into Trucknet UK site :question:

We have broadband and everything else comes up in an instant :exclamation: It can take 5 minutes for Trucknet to arrive on our screen and ages to post a topic.
I previously tried commenting about this after waiting 2 minutes to get a page to open, spent a few minutes writting a new post and as often happens I click submit and everything goes away :exclamation:

So why is this site so slow :question:

It makes me not want to bother anymore :frowning:

It’s fine this end Pat. The data must be slowing down as it gets wet crossing the Atlantic :slight_smile:

No problems here either, zipping in at the moment. In fact clicking pages they are opening in an instant with no delay at all, that’s with a broadband connection. I have had a second or two delay when hitting the submit button but even that seems to have gone now.

I to have just had that problem Pat so I fixed the computer it was to do with the browser options now it’s really quick.


It was on the news this morning that a submarine has ran into the transatlantic cable which connects T/N uk and the american land mass and truck net america…so it looks like its your end Pat…you ol git…(kate told me) and if it makes you happy…we all suffer the same fate from time to time…its called technology that dont work proper when ya need it too…
have a nice day