What is it with RDC's etc calling you "drive"

I’m hearing the phrase" what’s your ref number drive", " bay 2 drive" etc more and more.

What is it all about?

Why can’t they say " driver "
Who started this craze??


Dunno drive. Have a pew over there and someone should be along to tell you after our dinner break :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

It just hasn’t started, was called that 20 yrs ago :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

I don’t mind it, in fact its quite polite to some of the names im called.

I think its a southern thing, ■■■■■■ me right off.

It’s better than being called knob jockey

I think its a southern thing, ■■■■■■ me right off.

:laughing: :laughing: Love it…if it’s any consolation mate, it ■■■■■■ me right off too and I’m a southerner :grimacing:

KRAFT FOODS at KIRBY in the late 60s. Drive was all you ever got called. Eddie.

Can’t see the problem myself. More important things to worry about.


When its actually a 26t rigid LOL

It’s been going on a lot longer than I’ve been around! Short for “driver”. Wonder what plod would think if you called him “office” or “constab”?

I think its a southern thing, ■■■■■■ me right off.

I often used to get called John down sarf

ADR 1:

I think its a southern thing, ■■■■■■ me right off.

I often used to get called John down sarf

Went for a job in Watford,and 1st bloke I saw said ‘Wot’s yer name then John?’ I told him it was John,immediate comeback was ‘zb me,how did I know that’ Cracked both of us up :smiley:
Anyway,drive or driver never bothered me…it’s stuff like ‘Oi,you’ that I couldn’t do with :smiling_imp:

It’s better than being called knob jockey

Yup, I’d agree with that!

I hate being called drive. It makes my ■■■■ itch. Every site I work on now it’s either Tom, Tommy, Sonner, young un ( I’m 32 and look 50) Reg or last and decided least Geez.

On one notable occasion I bumped into my cousin on a shift and he’s the only ■■■■■■ who got my name right.

try being a railway signalman you soon get fed up of constantly being addressed as "bobby " by drivers shunters gangers etc all day everyday

its like in Scotland they all like to call you “Pal”
when I used to take the kids out in the truck with me they were always amazed that wherever we went everyone knew my name


Better than a office waller sayin " wats got then duck" f k n DUCK ■■?

Years ago, a lad I worked with in the Forces was driving some jumped up cockpit warrior, who insisted on calling him drives…On the way back from some meeting, the Pilot said “now then drives, pull in here for a cup of tea”, Mate replied " ok Piles"…He went mental, but always asked the driver his/her name after that.
We were always called Burt, just because Burt was easier then trying to remember 40 odd drivers names. Got a bit confusing though when the Sarge walked into crewroom and asked Burt to do a job…and he could never understand why it needed 40 odd drivers and a 52 seater coach to go and get some milk from the naafi…slight exaggeration there

So, being called drive by the ware, is probably for ease, as I imagine an RDC will see ■■■■ loads of drivers on a daily basis, and drive is better then oi you, or other such pleasentries

I really can’t see what the problem is, even I call others ‘drive’. It’s being called ‘mate’ that I don’t like, why call me mate when I don’t even effin know you!!?