What I seen today

I don’t know if this is the right place for this.

I was going north on the A95 today and seen this, was wondering if it anyone on here.

I’ll bet that cured his haemorrhoids. :smiley:

…and his constipation!

looks like a Home Bargains trailer and unit.

Well nothing came out so its secure :wink:

Hope the drivers ok

Home bargains trailer, Pringle’s unit I think. They do a lot of subbing for them

Hope no one was badly hurt!

It was a Pringle’s unit with a Home bargains trailer.
When I passed it, there was 2 recovery trucks there to get it out.

Today I seen a tanker in the tree’s at the Aviemore/Carrbridge turn off on the A9, looks like it was going on to the A9 from the junction and ended up in the trees, as the barrier was all down past the lorry on the road to A95.