What hours do you work?

So I’m just wandering what kinda hours you work ?
I have nothing against working long hours etc as it’s what I want to do, but at the moment I’m only doing local multi drop and I’m not really into doing locals but I really enjoy long distance and nights out etc.
I have a half hour trip to work for 7:15 and I finish whenever the works done, but just lately I’m finishing around 6-7 which is a lot later than everyone else, I’m being given a few drops really late into the day which makes me later finishing.
I know it’s part of the job it’s just rubbish doing local multi drop.

Too many and it never earns enough to keep wifey happy :smiley:

Can never keep the women happy lol,

60-65 atm
with 2 nights out on average.

6.30 to 4.30 Monday to Friday
6.30 to 12.30 every other Saturday
Suits me fine

When I’m driving I’m doing 4-5 nights out and about 60-65 hours a week.

55 hours.
Monday to Friday days.
No nights out.

Around 42/46 most weeks, no nights out.

4 nights out a week normally 3x15’s 1x13 and what ever I need on the Friday up to 13 :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

new job and i’m doing at most 8hrs a shift but I do 2 x 10 shifts every 5 or 5 weeks 3 on 2 off 4 on 2 off 5 on 3 off or a mixture but never more than 4 on so plenty of OT at 7hrs :wink:

06.30 until about 1700 most days, can start early if needed for distance or London etc.

No nights out and about 2 or 3 Saturday mornings a year but these are only done if I want to and can be home about 10.00

Typically about 50-52 hours a week.

I’m at work about 36 hours a week on a normal week, that is to say nights on road planing. 5 nights a week between 6 and 8 hours a night. Paid for 10. Drive about 4-4.5

Between 40 and 48 about three nights out a week.

55 hours mon-Friday no nights out start for 7 get up there a bit earlier though and finished by 6 unless we’re busy or things go wrong.

Saturdays here and there.

And I’m in my own bed every night suites me fine.

5 day week I do around 65-70 with 2 -3 nights out
6 day week I do 75-82 with 3 nights out

too many for my liking bas Im on day rate grrrr

45 hrs Mon - Friday nights 22.30 -08.30 1 day off a week

60-65hrs on nights, no nights out…

12 to 13 hours a day recently with the odd shift with fewer hours. Nights out are usually down to breakdowns but with brand new units and only trunking deckers, the only night out was to do an extra run over 2 days

Depends which run I’m on, the other night driver and I alternate them … one week I’ll start at 7pm, out of the yard by 8 and all wrapped up and on the way home by about 3am, maybe a bit earlier. The next week the start time’s the same but I’m usually finished by between 4 and 6am. One shift pays a bit of overtime, the other means I get more time at home. So one week maybe 40 hours, the next maybe 50. That’s enough for me nowadays, I’ve done my share of 65 hour weeks!

Start at 04:00 finish at 14:00 Monday to Friday no nights out and no weekends.