What have you won?

as the title says really. i was in white rose shopping center few months back and there was these really fit girls trying to get you to do an online test,now i was having any of it… the prize was a new top of the range vodaphone mobile. they gave me a load of old flannel about vodaphone are giving loads of these away and i stood a really good chance of winning.

guess what… still aint heard anything. :imp:

i once won a giant massive easter egg in a raffle at the pub, and a tenner on the lottery.

what really gets my goat is on the radio… " get this question right and you could win £5000 , a car, a holiday or a cliff richards cd " guess what they win :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp:

so has any of you won a car and holiday or great sum of money. and i dont mind the junk mail saying you have won this that and the next thing.

what have won and recieved.

:question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question:

i won over £5000 off a lotto scratchcard a few years ago, sadly it got spent on reducing the debt i had collected when i was married

According to Tom Champagne,i have won £2million on the Readers digest prize draw.
still waiting for the cash :confused: :wink: :neutral_face:

According to Tom Champagne,i have won £2million on the Readers digest prize draw.
still waiting for the cash :confused: :wink: :neutral_face:

ive been “awarded” that prize from Mr Champagne for about 10 years, im still waiting!! :unamused: :unamused: :wink: …chris

I worked with a guy that genuinely won the RD draw, and was presented with the cheque by Tom Champagne!!!

I’ve won over the years:

£1444 on the lottery (5 numbers.)
A day at Mallory Park
Tickets to last years British GP
Scunthorpe Class 4 autograss champion 2 years in a row.
And as the wife is a competition nut, various small prizes that come in my name with the comps she enters.


I’ve won

A Shado Interceptor from a comp in 2000AD
A set of diggers from Classic Plant Magazine
Tickets to see Scotland v Ireland at Murryfield…Scotland were gubbed.
A chef and a waiter to come to the house and cook a 4 course meal for 4…Great Night. :smiley: :smiley:

oh and Steve Parishes race ovis…at Truckfest this year. :open_mouth:

while i was posted in gib we won 2 laptops from BFBS during the last world cup, they were a bit naff and basic models of acer aspires but i suppose a free laptop is a free laptop,

the winners were my mum sue groves and mr s groves (scruffy the dog) we created email addresses for them to enter,

aprt from that i couldnt win an ■■■ kicking contest against a 1 legged man!

Just before Christmas my wife did a competition on U.K.T.V. and won :smiley: a huge trampoline :unamused: , as we are both over sixty we gave it to the Grandkids.

All I’ve ever won is tickets for gigs, all I really enter for though, so not surprising!!

I’ve won tickets to King of Leon, a secret Hundred Reasons gig at the Cockpit in Leeds about 7 years back, won tickets to Muse a couple of times too, also won some tickets to the Barron Knights on behalf of my old man a few years back. And just the other day I won tickets to see Example (though didn’t get to go as work wouldn’t give me night off :frowning: ) and also this week won tickets to see Faithless in Camden later in July, have got the night off for that one :smiley: