What happend to these companys

A J Rouse transport
Peterlea Trucking
Essex International
Fred Archer
Wally Scrivener
Tubby Hert
M&C Transport
Wessex International
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Promotors is in the Ontime Automotive livery now although there are still a couple of trucks in the green livery around.

Dont know what happened to Wally Scrivener, but someone will :stuck_out_tongue:

Fred Archer - I believe there’s a driver on here who used to work for him, gone downhill a bit since then mind you :laughing: :laughing:

Craig 111:
Fred Archer - I believe there’s a driver on here who used to work for him, gone downhill a bit since then mind you :laughing: :laughing:

Wasnt KW at Fred Archers?

Wheel Nut:
Wasnt KW at Fred Archers?

That’s the man, now promoted to Herr Betz - got some good pictures from his time there as well.

i know that most of them if not all had a driver named geoff work for them at one time or another. i also worked for most of them directly or indirectly
peter king of peterlea trucking went to australia.
mervyn king peters cousin and owner of m&c transport ceased trading .
fred archer sold out to russel davies &formed new company a.c.s. which folded within abut a year .
wally scrivener sold all his garment vehicles and now operates some plant
tubby hart wallies ex brother in law was operating one truck the last i heard
wessex international was formed from the abnormal load section of essex international and operated a couple of trailers from findon.

Fred Archer did indeed get involved with Russell Davies,but it was more to do with trying to keep the business going after he’d had quite a brush with the ministry.
He’d been caught on tacho offences,and he’d told all the driver’s that if they pleaded guilty and kept him out of it,he’d pay all their fines and legal expenses.
But one of the driver’s heard him talking to his accountant in the office one day,the accountant was telling Fred that it was going to cost him thousands to pay all the drivers fines and costs.To which Fred replied,“I’m not paying anyone’s fines or anything else,that’s their problem”!
So when it went to court,the driver’s all pleaded not guilty much to Fred’s dismay and so he had to pay out a lot of dosh!
Which is when he got involved with RD.All the trucks in Fred’s colours went,and he then ran a couple of red Iveco’s leased through RD with ACS (Archer Continental Services) on the front.

That didn’t last long though and after staying out of transport for a year or so he started up again under the name of Ultrahaul with three or four trucks and was running back to the Middle East,which continued right up to the early 90’s.One of the regular jobs he had was loading second hand tractors from Cambridge to all points east.

At another firm’s reunion I went to last December it seemed that most of the driver’s present had worked for Fred at one time or another,he had a very high turnover of staff!
One of the driver’s at the reunion,Paul Rowlinson,said he’d done a couple of trips to Bosnia for Fred at the start of the Balkans war,but as each time he went he was getting shot at he told Fred where to stick his job!

Fred was alway’s a bit of a rogue,filling his car up with ‘cherry’ from the tank in the yard that we used for Commie Bloc and M/E work,and could alway’s be found slouched in his chair with his feet up on the desk,which is probably why at the age of 34 he suffered a heart attack.

He even managed to poach the traffic manager from Essex International,Frank Tuffs,and we started doing a lot of their work to Greece and the M/E.One afternoon I sat near Chelmsford for several hours as I had to load some second hand dumper’s for Saudi.But I couldn’t load until the evening in case someone from Essex Intl. saw me going in there as it was near there place in Maldon.And it had been their work!

Fred still lives in the Ipswich area.

Craig 111:
Fred Archer - I believe there’s a driver on here who used to work for him, gone downhill a bit since then mind you :laughing: :laughing:

Who? Fred or the driver?? :frowning: :wink: