What do you listen to?

Between 05.00 and 06.30?
I got fed up with V “she who loves her voice” Felpz on radio 2 so now I listen to Radio 4.
The shipping forcast is more interesting. :open_mouth:
What do you listen to?

Real XS whenever I’m in the Manchester area. Not the same now though since mike Sweeney left

Radio 4 all the way or R2 or R5L.

The Archers are just so real and since Tom left there are no good sausages around Ambridge anymore.

The short stories on R4 are great but I miss the boozy presenters on R2. Come back Sarah Kennedy.

Alex lester (R2) has kept me going on many early starts and when he comes on I know I am about to finish.

Between 05.00 and 6.30 :open_mouth: frec all
Havent done an early start for about 8 years.

I’ve given up on “V” too, I quite like Breeze sometimes or Jack FM.

Don’t mention i love the sound of my own voice Name Dropper Feltz thing for goodness sake.

Depending on where i am, i listen to three station mainly, Smooth, Jack FM (Oxford through to Bristol) and Magic, and now and again Oak FM, there’s always some rural stations worth listening to as you pass by, such as Biggles at Biggleswade…Heart on the other hand is the pits.

Have more or less given up on the state broadcaster, mr PC Propaganda himself Jeremy Whine is nearly as bad as the Name Dropper for droning on.

6 music, xfm or absolute, depends on time of day and location,

Anything BUT Radio 2 at that time of day. Really spoilt my week when she stood in for Simon Mayo recently. I can’t even listen to her sweetly sick voice when she’s featured on one of their increasing self plugging ads.

My Spotify playlist on my iPhone. I was listening to Capital FM today when I was out with another driver, 5 minutes of music, 10 mins of adverts… Plus the songs seemed to repeat throughout the day.

No longer Steve Wright, his singing over the songs, and those sidekicks that contribute useless facts and figures.
No longer to Vanessa Feltz, with her long words, does she breathe in while talking so much ?
I can’t stand that idiot from the allotment,having an ■■■■■■ over his giant cucumber and water melons.
I find Radio Berkshire, Somerset and Bristol much better.

I tend to just leave the radio set to Radio 2, simply because theres no ads, you can always get it and the tunes are fairly decent. Can’t be arsed plugging in iPods or messing about with CDs. I do wonder who out there seemingly likes Vanessa Feltz though, thus keeping her in a job? :open_mouth: The mind boggles. She’s god awful. Steve Wright’s pension book has to be due soon as well.

Must say I always quite like it when Sara Cox fills in for shows, she is quite good. Certainly better than a lot of the dung in Radio 2’s line up.

Occasionally dabble with Classic FM, had a fantastic drive back over from Sheffield the other week to some movie soundtracks.

radio 4 and 2 :wink: boring really just like the news

Radio 5 live - 0515-0600 is wake up to money. Sounds boring. But it’s one grumpy old man and a slightly long suffering younger cohort. Funny everyday :smiley:

Still the same as the last time the question was asked :wink:

RTL2 and RFM

Still the same as the last time the question was asked :wink:

Which radio station do you listen to while driving? - BULLY'S TRUCKSTOP BAR (INTERACTIVE) - Trucknet UK

RTL2 and RFM

Don’t be so cynical times change !!

Like rob22888,mainly listen to R2.Turn it off when either Huey Morgan,Dermot O’Dreary or Paul Gambacini come on.Agree Sara Cox should get a better slot in the schedule.Can take or leave Anneka Rice and Bob Harris country.
Listen to Absolute 60s or70s when not on R2.

I put on radio 2 though sometimes the music is too old & dreary particularly evenings , Hereford & Worcester , heart , wave & basically anything . I get fed up of the radio self switching to another channel half way through a song, or someone chatting about a particular topic . Time to get the cd’s out then.
Runrig, farmer Dan, wurzles, basically anything amusing & comedy Billy conolly, Colin Campbell & whoever else I can find a cd of :smiley:

Talksport all the way for me, used to listen to Chris Moyles and Scott Mills, but the former left R1 and the latter grates after a while. Gave up on Steve Wright a long time ago, he bores the arse off me! Only time I deviate really is when TMS is on.

Overseas I use a radio app. Listen to Radio 4 or local NI stations to quench homesickness such as citibeat or U105. My own music taste is eclectic so have it on t’ mobile dog and bone.

Radio 2 is the dregs. Years ago was the zeitgeist for truckers, not now!

Radio 4 I’m a well read man of the world, in the small hours KCRW via the tune in smartphone app, commercial radio is for those with small brains who like the same 15 records they seem to play even worse the male female breakfast show duo, they make me want to tear the radio from the dash and throw it at an Audi.