What do you call the vehicle you drive for a living?

Personally I seem to refer to it nowadays as a “lorry” although for many years I used to call it a “truck”

I don’t know why I changed. I imagine that “wagon” is the general usage in the north but I’d be interested in the input and the reasons for it.

A truck every time, i think because i was brought up around them back home in oz and that’s what they’re known as back there

Lorry, no idea actually why.

It’s a lorry, everytime, sometimes preceeded by swear words :laughing:
A truck is something pulled by a train
A wagon is something pulled by a horse
A dog is something pulled by me after a few pints :laughing:

wagon or truck depends on what im saying for example if some one says what you do ? i say wagon driver
or i would say this TRUCK is [zb] crap :laughing:

If it needs stars, blah blah blah…L.:wink:

I usually refer to them as Trucks,

its lorry for me but then im welsh :laughing:
ps and im a “HGV driver” dont like LGV for some reason but then i dont like change :smiling_imp:

Lorry always and Hgv instead of lgv

“Nora”… :wink:

dare i ask why you called it nora

consiering you called the last one lilly the loony

Easy. 'Cos the first time I got in it I gently eased the throttle down, as you do when pulling away with Eurotronic, and next minute I was face to face with the skip on the other side of the yard.
“[ZB]-ing Nora!!!” :shock: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: , see. A name she continues to live up to on a regular basis.

(Although she’s had the gearbox reset and the clutch valve replaced since then… :wink: )

Oh, and the last one was Jeannie the Jinx. Last seen embedded in the back of a Turkish motor on the M6, 2 days after the name got taken off when I moved out. Told the FM he should have left well alone, but would he listen…? :unamused:

Lily the Loony was the one before. :sunglasses:

as usual your truck is living up to is name then :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


as ere indoors always says i’m in truckie mode.

I normally call them lorries…

But this one I have now, I call a bag of (zb).

That would be wagon where i come from :laughing:

I call other trucks = wagons

I call my wagon = a shed :laughing:

Used to drive a renault premium that I called shergar… the reg was FE51 XGG :laughing:

WAGGIN 's what we say in Yorkshire.

I like truck too, 'cos it rhymes with zb :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

zb piece of zb