What can I get away with

Evening all, I’m embarking on taking 2 tractors down to Italy on weds next week, issue is the deck on my flat bed is 1.15m high and the tractor sits 3.2m.

I can however drop the air in all my suspension and bring it down 2 inches.

Just seeing what the most I can get away with before I have issues.

We will be speaking to convoi exceptionnel Monday just thought I’d get a heads up

I will also let down the tractor tyres in the hope to get it close to 4m

can you not hire a step frame then that would eliminate the need for deflating tyres, lowering suspension etc

Sorry I should of mentioned its a wagon and drag outfit, the drag height isn’t an issue on height

With 300mm over you wont even get out of the port before someone clocks it …and it will cost you more than you could possibly make if caught on the road.

Do it legally or dont go. Simple.

At 4.35 you may well get some problems. If your down to 4.15 and your going France blanc/frejus into Italy you’ll be fine.
Personally I’d go frejus, purely because I’ve been through over height so I know you’ll get away with it.
France is no problem up to 4.4 but I believe Italy is a 4m limit but the bridges are well above that so if you don’t get measured you’ll be fine.

take the wheels off, or let the air out.

remove the rear wheels of the tractor on the wagon, should bring it down to a legal height. otherwise the people who have the power to write astronomical fines also have an uncanny ability to spot the best subjects for those fines from far away…

That was suggested, were going to load it and see how we can get it to sit, the wagon has wheel wells but I’m thinking they may be too large but will see how we get on Tuesday

Remove all wheels, tilt cab over and then chock up rear axle, so the vehicle will look like a “V” and strap down, then
measure the highest points and see how high. Just be careful with the front of the truck that it does not touch
anywhere, i.e. front bumper. if you have a problem just put some 4x2 or 4x4 wood chocks under the front axle.