Wetherby services A1(M)

Looks like I’ve got to change my plan and stop here for 24 hours. Just wondering if there’s usually enough HGV parking, what are facilities like and how much I’m likely to get ripped off for using it?


No problem at all for parking spaces.

Key fuels

Expensive to park truck there - to be honest, last time I stopped there was an unplanned in a day cab, so went into Days Inn, got best price for a room and stayed in there, they cover the parking charge for the truck, and it worked out roughly the same :slight_smile:

Plenty of spaces for parking as Wayne says but it’s not one of the best thought out areas. When it’s full it can be a right pain plus if you have a truck parked across from you you may struggle to get out, especially if it’s a car transporter.
Also some bright spark decided to put the HGV fuel pumps right at the exit of the lorry park and the only way to get to them is through said lorry park so you may be stuck waiting to leave if there is a queue and there usually is.

Cheers guys. I’m aiming to arrive around 6am and get my money’s worth out of the 24 hour parking ticket before leaving.

I’m only in an 18T rigid so getting out shouldn’t be too much bother!

You’ll find plenty of space in the middle then as they did it for wagons to be able to park back to back but like a couple of other places it could’ve done with being a few feet longer so if an artic doesn’t part with its nose exactly on the front line you tend to find nobody backs up to it.