Were is 2xQ [ Quiz 8 ] // Resolution posted by Double Q

original title “were is 2xQ [ Quiz 8 ] * Tip’ing @ the Pike’ys yard ■■? *”

OK. Fellow Trucking dudes.

This ones a real treat. Could it be a Pike’y yard or industrial site ■■

And if so, which and were ?

Photo 1 ( The route in, just off a major road ) Bridge over railroad

Photo 2 ( Turning into the acess )

Photo 3 ( Tight, Watch that roof doesnt snag your curtain Q )

Photo 4 ( as if it just couldnt get better ;- )

So, Were is 2xQ

PS: notice “men @ work” / “Roadworks” sign in “Photo 4”
(Just visible around edge of building) Maybe there filling in some of the Pot-Holes :slight_smile:

Ok… [ a clue ]
If photo 1 was taken a few minutes earlier it would contain Seven Stars !!
come’on Quinny, Reddragon, Nianiamh and other border truckers.

Is It the B6357 Kirkpatrick flemming to Annan

sorry K.Adams,

Nice try, but no were near the Nith

Much (much) further south.

Ok, Fellow Trucking Dudes…

This quiz is now aged beyond 2 months, so Im posting the resolution

The Site in the photo(s) is NOT a piky’s Yard

But in fact, is the access to::
"Marsh Industries,The March Industrial estate, Marsh, near Halfway House "

( just off the A458 between Shrewbury & Welshpool )

The Clue " Seven Stars "
refere’s to the name of the Public House right on the A458 @Halway House
which marks the point on the A458,
were you need to turn-off in order to access this industral estate
(the site is about 0.5 mile down the lane, on the left)

Have a safe one…

Crumbs - I live just a couple of miles from there. I thought it was familiar looking.

This location is given as a clue for Quiz 15 but seems to contradict some of the other clues. Or does it?

" seems to contradict some of the other clues. Or does it "

no “Wood Fuel” dude…

This location is not a clue for quiz 15.

I just pointed you to these photo’s,
because I figered that you had a good chance of reconising the location…

PS// I came across your turf today (up over Wenlock, then down the A5)
Bound for some place I cant pronouce, 20miles beyond Bala :slight_smile:

regards 2xQ