Were is 2xQ [ Quiz 15 ] In the shade,,[ Awarded to SWraith ]

Ok Fellow Tucker Dudes

Dafman got the A46 Kenilworth By’pass far to quickly
[ quiz 14 trucknetuk.com/phpBB2/viewtopic. … highlight= ]
(bless him)

Which has claused me to have to dig out another achive photo
And gess what,
Its yet another Tea Break location (with nice shade) Im found of these :slight_smile:

But can you gess were ?

Town/City & Road number/Road Name (please)

Regards Double’Q

Cotswolds :question:

I understand were your coming from with that gess “ROG”,
but NO, this isnt a crafty flip of “quiz 10”

Regards 2xQ

Tenbury wells A442 :unamused: :unamused:

Is shropshire close?


“Is shropshire close”,
dare I say anything without giving out a clue :slight_smile:

I can understand why “K.Adams” thinks its Tenbury Wells (but sorry Mr “K.Adams” it is’nt)

Regards 2xQ

I recognise the scene, but I just can’t place it.

Its either SW Shropshire, or its looking towards Abberley Hill, near Great Witley.

I’m gonna get this one…just need a bit more time.

Ok’ee Wood_Fuel

I give you a clue, go study my quiz 8
trucknetuk.com/phpBB2/viewtopic. … highlight=

As that quiz has been posted since may (and you just might reconise the location)

regards 2xQ

This is driving me nuts - I’m still not getting it.

Need another clue.

Ok a Clue

This location, is right in Border Teritory

Its well known nationally
for its reputation as attactive habitation for all manner of strange & weird folk
(such as all manner of Hippy type’s, Wizards & Warlocks, & rich ex 70’s Rock Stars…)

Attractive I gess
As its pretty inaccessible, ( by anything larger than a 2CV or Mini, or Helicopter )
while also being serious “Magic Mushroom” country !! :slight_smile:

regards 2xQ

Ha Ha, that’ll be Bishop’s Castle then. I knew it was SW Shrops somewhere. Still not got the actual road though, but working on it.

“Bishop’s Castle” sorry its not…

This “hippy sanctuary” got it reputation way earlier (in fact before Glastonbury) :slight_smile:

regards 2xQ

In that case, I’m well and truly stumped.

I know I’ve driven that road, but this one has beaten me.

Ok I give you two more clues

  1. Its not in Shropshire

  2. Study the “hill” in the background

Sorry thats got to be my final word (becos I know someone will reconise it)

Mr Wood_Fuel
2xQ serious suggests that you go look again at quiz 8
“* Tip’ing @ the Pike’ys yard ■■? *”
trucknetuk.com/phpBB2/viewtopic. … highlight=

Seriously I think you could reslove it (read the writen clues !!)

Regards 2xQ

Wyche Road :question:

Malvern :question:

Hereford Beacon :question: :question:

Malvern, quote " serious “Magic Mushroom” country !! "

Think I’l have a chat with the local residents
( as I didnt realise there was a source that close ) :wink:

Sorry yet again, it not Malvern
( thou I feel I know why you suggested it )

I give you another clue, “Rog” was closer when he flippently said “Cotswolds” !!

regards 2xQ

Near Berwick heading towards Duns Just off the A1 b4 the roundabout

My first thoughts were The Forest of Dean but now I am thinking it’s nearer to Ledbury. :confused:

My first thoughts were The Forest of Dean but now I am thinking it’s nearer to Ledbury. :confused:

I think you are on the same ley lines as me :stuck_out_tongue: I plumped for Hereford and the Beacon, Wyche etc

I am now going to guess at Garway Hill

the hil isnt broadway hill is it?