Were am i solved by lonewolf

About to to get clamped(by the geez in the white van) Thurrock ?


B&Q :open_mouth:


come on lone wolf its in your area i think

Don’t think its my area lol theres a lot of moors round here and not much roads.

Hmm OK what have we got. A parked wagon. Service station? Wagon above, either on road or sliproad. End of building dark in pic can’t make much out. But it does look vaguely familiar…

Could be anywhere but wild guess, Doncaster Services M18.

I thought the same thing at first Lonewolf , but i dont think the Motorway is that close to the service station, and the road in after the ramp is fairly flat. ( I have been wrong before though :unamused: )

Is it the small services on the A50 near Derby (Shardlow) heading East towards M1 ■■?

M62 Junction 32, Glasshoughton?

sorry lonewolf didnt realise your from the hilly bit, this is almost flat down here.and its not donny , or glashoughton
or shardlow , martin was closest,

martin was closest,

LOL what B&Q? Theres dozens of em

It does look vaguely familiar now and its bugging me.

Lonewolf Yorks:
LOL what B&Q? Theres dozens of em

there is a b&q there but i was tipping at another store you must have been passed this place :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Oh for gods sake Wolfie wake up!

You’re delivering to Halfords on St Andrews Quay in Hull (or the shop next door). I knew I’d seen that bloody building somewhere. The truck above you is going down the on-slip to Clive Sullivan Way.

your on form today wolfie , st andrews quay (carpetright)