Well what a morning that was!

ive got ten days off from my regular job, whilst out having a meal last night my friend who runs his own agency rang.. gary- jon can you do me a run tommorow? im struggling to find a driver.
me- im not that bothered about working gaz to be honest. g- please mate im desperate youll be helping me out j- ok then but i dont want messing about. g- no problems jon your a star. 0600 phil hanleys bilsthorpe, down to swindon, tip and run back empty j- ok no worries. so i turn up this morning at 0540, book in and ring the office from the restroom. "ok jon well let you know when its ready"…
at 0830 i ring gary and tell him they have until 1000 am before i pull out and go home
hes very apologetic and says hell ring hanleys
he rings me back and says they have two to do before me and then ill be away. ok i think, i can live with that... at 0950 i ring gary and tell him we have a problem. he rings hanleys who tell him i wont be long.. its been taking them approx 2 hours to do each truck and theres still one to load before me..... so i pull out and go home. garys fine with me about it, he`s a driver and says he would probably have done the same. i feel really bad about letting a mate down now, but a limit has be drawn doesnt it? what would you have done? rgds jon

Been in similar situations,sometimes I stayed sometimes I went!

I think I would have been laid across 3 seats getting loads of zzzzzzzzz’s in!!! All depends really. You don’t need the work so I would have been walking the same as you. But the other way of looking at it was , you was getting paid for sleeping!

Jonboy if you feel you do fancy some work i can give you a number of anagency in Nottingham who have got me on the Corby job there si nomessing about there you get in the loads ready and away you go, money is decent £8 Mon to Fri , £12 Sat , £16 Sun the guy is crying out for drivers at the minute.

Apart from waiting at L.D.C,s. to tip there is no messing about.

I got a run to Droitwich the other night and a collection from Alcester where i had to wait 3 hours but thats ok i just sat and watched the Portugal game in the canteen.

You were doing the bloke a favour, but he seemed to be taking the wee wee, so you did the right thing. If I’d needed the money I’d have been in the bunk and thinking their’s no easier way to earn a living :laughing: .

jammy you have pm thanks.

Jonboy you are very brave…i would have gone home a lot sooner…but depends who needs the cash…and your`e on holiday…whats one of those ■■
have a nice day…or days

lol bob your right! i`m not used to having so much time off, rh used to buy my holidays off me, co-op wont so i have to take the time off. feel lazy having so much free time! mad isnt it

everyone makes there own decisions,you choose to go home,it’s not as if you didn’t give them enough chance to get you out of there. :wink:

got my pay slip through from gary this morning, hes paid me for the four hours so im happy. as hes a mate i told him that if hanleys didnt pay him i wouldnt push for any money. obviously theyve coughed up! must say i`m pleasantly surprised :wink:

Hey Jonboy…you jammy watsit…doing nothing and still getting paid…tell you what…im available next week..but im not working anywhere…how much ■■
just put me on the payroll… :laughing: :laughing:

Last time i got held up i rang the gaffer and he told me to give it 30 then call back ( i was at land rover nr the nec) then after 1/2 hour i phoned again so he said get my notes back and pull out, tried that, wouldnt give me my notes back so the gaffer said wait it out and hed bill them for waiting time, i never got any extra though!!