Well then! D Passed! (And D CPC as well!)

Hi all,

You probably don’t remember me but (quiet and timid as I am) I passed C+E back in March and today passed my D Test at Sheffield!!! :slight_smile:

I also passed by Drivers CPC Module 4 yesterday as well, so all in all a pretty good couple of days!

Did my training with SHAWS TRAINING of Dronfield and had the owner, Darren Shaw, as my instructor. TOP BLOKE!! Didn’t even go mad no matter how many times I seemed to touch the kerb during the week and totally deserves his holiday in Cyprus this week!

Good training school and I would thoroughly reccomend them.

Off for a beer and a sit down now!!

All the best! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

:smiley: :smiley:

Good training school and I would thoroughly reccomend them.

SHAWS - thank you :smiley:

Well done :smiley:

Maybe you could tell us about your C.P.C.part of your training.Congrtulations on passing your test.


Thanks for the congrats and apologies for me not replying before (like a lot of you I work away during the week and have limited access to the computer!).

I first had to do the Theory and Hazard Perception Test and then do the Case Study Test.

The CPC Practical Test is done at the Testing Station and basically the examiner gives you various scenarios to do with certain non driving aspects of the role of PCV Driver (and I imagine the same will apply when the LCV CPC comes online in Sep this year). The questions vary from loading the vehicle (calcul;ating total weights and how a vehicle is loaded) through demonstrating abilities to prevent criminality and trafficking of illegal immigrants to the ability to assess emergency situations.

I bought copies of the DSA Driver CPC (the official DSA Guide for Proffessional Bus and Coach Drivers) and also the Official DSA Guide to Driving Buses and Coaches which do contain the answers. The problem is, as my instructor told me is that he had no syllabus to teach regarding the CPC exam which struck me as a little bizzare. How can you be expected to pass a test when you don’t know what sort of questions they are going to ask!!

Anyway, with the help of my instructor and A LOT OF READING ( I am not a professional driver (yet) so a lot of the regulations are new to me) I managed to pass the CPC. I think that a lot of it is common sense but if you are not sure what the examiner is looking for then it can get quite stressful.

The books help but a good understanding instructor helps no end (thanks again to Darren Shaw of Shaws Training at Dronfield).

Sorry if this has been a bit long winded but having a few beers after a stressful week!

Cheers all! :slight_smile: