Well,that's put a spanner

…in the works. Whilst I get a few weeks annual leave from my PSV licence,I’ll join another agency to get a couple of days experience. My first visit was with my digi and cpc card. Although my licence was prefered the agency fella was filling in my details,and asking if I had a satnav,I replied no. His interest was suddenly lost,explaining the importance of one. Of course,I see the logic. I buy one,and called them back to further it. A day was arranged,and I went around to fill in about 15 sheets of personal info and knowledge of traffic signs . Once done,one of the female clerks went through all my details,and noticed I’m working as a bus driver. She mentioned that my amount of ‘Domestic’ driving hours could very well clash,and would need 6 months worth of my time sheets,which is far too much work for a couple of days. :unamused:
Oh well,I’ll see how my application with bidvest gets on

Bidvest is hard graft, but good for getting you a start and some experience.

They are correct that domestic hours count towards other work for your EU hours total.

Best of luck mate