Well Done Rishi!

Hopefully this bill will pass through the HoC today. Smoking age ban policy will apply in Scotland

All the UK will be smoke free in…well a few decades time, but it is the best future for kids.

Hopefully they (whoever “they” may be in the future) will press ahead on vaping as well

To be honest I’d rather be by someone smoking cigarettes than someone vaping, some of those vapes absolutely stink, also people who smoke generally don’t blow the smoke in your face whereas vapers often don’t seem to care that you’re right next to them.

neither child yes child should of been vaping or drinking.

If tobacco and alcohol were newly discovered/invented today I doubt they would be legal at all.

We are where are through an accident of history.
From the Indie:
"Some Tory MPs have expressed concerns about the plans, with former prime minister Liz Truss saying they are “profoundly unconservative”.

“Earlier, this year, she said: “A Conservative government should not be seeking to extend the nanny state. It only gives succour to those who wish to curtail freedom.””
She then kicked back after taking a deep toke, and asked who was dealing the EEs for the next rave.

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“Anybody got any Veras?” Said The Lettuce Lady

There’s likely more carcinogens in a single puff of vape than in an entire pack of ■■■■…

The reason vaping is considered somehow “Safer” than nicotine abuse - is the simple statistical data that doesn’t show the interior of crematorium retorts caked over with the sublimations of past lung cancer perishers - because Vaping simply hasn’t had chance to catch-up yet…

Do Caustic Burials leave any traces of substance abuse in the “Soap-under-the-tree” greenmains btw? Just asking…

Ohh! It’s been a while since I could embed on here! :relieved:

OK, now I’m getting worried :astonished:

Cutting through your unique style of writing, if you mean that we don’t yet have the stats to compare the life-time health risks of vaping as a direct comparison to a life-time of smoking, then for the second time in one day I must utter the previously unthinkable phrase that… I agree with you!

Who are you and what have you done with the original Winseer?

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There is truth in some of what WS says.

True that there are no long term stats for vape use, clearly because vaping is new.


Is pure ■■■■■■■■.
It is the real Winseer!

Ciggies contain over 7,000 chemicals some of which are known carcinogens and poisons.

Vapes do contain chemicals and some of them are the same as in cigs.
Vapes have fewer chemicals and those it has are at lower levels than cigs.

No one with more than two brain cells is saying that vaping is 100% harmless, but it is reasonable to say it is likely less harmful than smoking.

if this is the case why are they banning it.

As a heavy smoker i have found vapes a waste of time. When ever i have tried them with the maximum strength of nicotine in them i need more “pulls” to get the same hit as i would with a cigarette. so lower dosages of the chemicals doesn’t really work out

You are cherry picking what is written:
Lower doses of some chems.
Zero doses of other chems. (including carbon monoxide)

If you are a smoker you are not being outlawed.

If you have tried vapes is that because you wish to stop or cut down on smoking?
This proposed law will stop others having to cut down or stop. It will help prevent them starting.

let me give an example
vapes have chemical a at 50% the level of chemical a in cigarettes yes there is less chemical a in a lug off a vape conspired to the same lug off a cigarette.

however to get the same level of nicotine i have to have 5 lugs off a vape there for im having 2.5 times the amount of chemical a

Is that an example?
Or numbers plucked out of the air?

Nicotine is not a carcinogen.
You can get your hit without taking in those chems associated with cancer.

I fully accept that smoking ciggies is far more than just the nicotine addiction.

But since you accused me of avoiding questions…

i was explaining the ratio of having to take 5 lugs instead of 1 negating the benefit that there is less of a chemical in vapes to cigarettes quite obviously.

i tried vapes because it was supposed to be cheaper than rolling bakki it didn’t work out that way for me again due to those pesky ratios.

Do i wish i hadn’t started yes… do i think some law banning the sale of products to people born after a certain year will make any difference what so ever nope not a chance they will just get them illegally or on the black market.

Will some still get baccy illegally?
Yes. No law is perfect.

Will it stop some/ (hopefully)many from starting smoking?
Yes. So, in my book, a good thing.

i dont see how it well… majority of people started smoking because they knew someone who smoked and wanted to emulate them. either because they thought it was cool or to fit in or peer pressure etc etc etc stopping someone from being able to buy them wont negate that issue.

does having to be 18 to buy cigarettes stop people under that age from smoking of course not.

When no-one under 30 can smoke, it might well be harder for a big 14 year old to get served.

that big 14 year old may well have parents that are 30+ that buy them for him or are we expecting the police to do something about it when they see him.

of course one could argue that anyone that would let their child of 14 smoke were maybe in the demographic that were younger than 16 when they got preggers and were therefore under the age of 30.

I don’t believe that is at all true: some Trading Standard operations (including ones local to me) have removed illegal vapes from sale which had dangerously high levels of nicotine, some as high as 50mg/ml, two and a half times the legal limit.

It’s worth bearing in mind the the frequently stated lethal dose for nicotine is just 60mg, or to be visual, imagine cutting a standard paracetamol tablet into eight pieces, then consider just one of those pieces is only a smidge less than the amount it takes to kill you if it was pure nicotine.

Seeing as we were talking about this earlier in the week, this is how it looks on a dangerous goods Transport Document:
UN1654, NICOTINE, 6.1, PGII,
UN 3144, NICOTINE COMPOUND, LIQUID, N.O.S. or NICOTINE PREPARATION, LIQUID, N.O.S., 6.1, PGs I, II or III depending on the particular variant