Weight Limit Prosecutions

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Can’t really defend these “professional drivers”. The limits breached were well signed. The first guy must’ve just blindly followed a sat nav.

The area’s specified (as somebody who used to regular deliver in the area) are stupidly limited, I remember many a day doing 10 - 25 mile detours to deliver to places in that area.

if they can get down there and safely and not cause any harm to anyone, the access restriction shouldn’t be there, maybe they were lost? and rather than reverse and turn around which will cause more problems used their judgement and went down the road and now have to pay the fine.

next time i face going down one i will stop and turn around but i will make a meal of it and block their street off as long as possible. :smiling_imp:

The one involving the driver going to Didcot crosses at least one weak bridge near Clifton Hampden, you then enter another limit in Wittenham. Anyone with sense would just do M40,A34, A4130. Or A4074 Oxford-Reading road to Benson and take the A4130 Wallingford bypass to Didcot.
The last case concerns a fairly recently applied weak bridge limit. It’s just off the A418 and the diversion is via a lane in Long Crendon that if your sat nav told you to take it, you’d think
twice. The Watlington one is a NIMBY limit, not good for lorries to be fair.

Click here for lorry route maps for the Oxon area.