Weekended in Milan


Wonder if anybody can update me on somewhere to park for a weekend. Guess the favourite is Carrisio, but any other suggestions would be good. Heard Carrisio can be full of Taliban and Mossies!!



What is wrong with you, who is more likely to stop if you have a breakdown
9 times out of 10 it will not be a Brit , more than likely Turkish , Iranian
or Polish even a Rumanian or Womble, Try talking to such drivers they may
speak your language ? , Do you speak another European language??

try looking through this list of truck stops perhaps there is one
which is in your near,ITALY

You can try parking round by Linate airport industrial area called CAMM there are supermarkets and bars close by plus only a short tram ride from the duomo square think the street name is via fantoli.

This is where i always used to park.

I used to park on “park firenze” regularly. Come off the a4 at via certosa just after pero as you head east. Drop down and take your 1st right and it comes up on the right hand side.
We never got ANY bother in there, it was about a tenner a night i think (its been a while) and your not too far away from the centre.
The directions might be a bit hazy, i`ll try and find my bible unless someone else can pinpoint it


There ya go steve hope this helps

That’s it’s proper name JB. We just called it Via Stevenson.

Your hazy directions match my hazy memory exactly. :open_mouth: :laughing: :laughing:

After Pero when East bound, onto Viale Certosa.
First slip off Certosa
The road was off that exit slip, immediately before the Minolta building.
If you missed that little lane, go right at the bottom, around the Minolta building and round the block.
You’ll end up on the on ramp to Viale Certosa, which becomes the off ramp you just used. Don’t forget to turn right infront of the Minolta building this time :blush: :laughing: :laughing:

P.S. We were probably using the place at around the same time. Things may well have changed since then.
Hopefully the showers have, for the better :slight_smile:

Many thanks for the replies. Guess what I got tipped and turned around on Friday and am now in London waiting to tip in London at 4am in morning !!

Will remember these for possible future trips though.