hello guys,
im just after a little information,
will be leaving the north west fri morn, heading to italy,
need to get further than macon,
dont think ill do carisio in two shifts,
does any of you have any ideas where i can park that is open for the weekend ?
is cluses open sunday ?
will appreciate any help cheers neil

When I was with Murfitts, we used to use the restaurant at La Chambre, the same junction has a parking area called Sainte Maria des Cuines.
I think it’s junction 26 off the A43, not far before the climb up to Tunnel Frejus.
We did Milan in 4.30 from here, just (I think).

Google Maps Link. To get in, come off at the slip for La Chambre, through the peage to the roundabout. Turn left, then right before the bridge back over the autoroute. There are AS24 pumps to your right here and the right turn is the access to the pumps too. Carry straight on the dirt road to the parking area, where you can see trucks parked in that link. The big building is an Intermarche supermarket, the resto is on the right hand side of the supermarket from where you’re parked. Looking at google street view, nothing much has changed since my last visit, at least 6 years ago. It was a cafe at ground level and the proper resto was up stairs.

The resto owner was a small slight lady, her fella ran the harley bike shop. He was a big lad, a French arm wrestling champ and rumour had it, an ex legionaire. Both always looked after us well.

If thats too far, try The Pub at Bourge en Bresse Google Maps link. Zoom in and its labeled Forest.

Both were open all weekend

Cluses is open all weekend, but there aren’t many people there, it’s main custom on Sundays is locals. the town is also quiet on a Sunday, but is OK