Week-End Rest Ban NOW France

Hi Guys,

Well the French have applied the week-end rest Ban now !!! so it’s Belgium and France, 24 hours rest ok but not 45,
so it will not be long before they are all going to bring in this week-end rest ban ?

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So what happens if you physically have 45 hours or more, it just counts as 24 and the difference has to be made up later as per an actual 24 hour reduced rest?

I guess we will just have to show a 24,then switch to POA for the rest of the break and make up the extra rest at home…losing yet MORE time and profit to the Borats!.

Hi Guys,

I’m not sure, but really if you are on a 45 hour rest in Belgium or France, you can take 24 hours in the cab, and if you stay in the cab after this they will issue
a BIG Fine, so you will have to take the other part of your 45 hours in a Hotel ■■?
or would they say that you have interrupted your 45 hours because you have walked to the Hotel etc etc I don’t know.

Anyone with any idea’s !!!

Is the “refugee” camp in Sangatte still standing? Perhaps they can turn it in to a concentration camp for European truck drivers who have the audacity to be away at work earning a living. What a complete load of ■■■■■■■■. It doesn’t affect me any more obviously but it still winds me up that yet again the ordinary man will be persecuted by EU bureaucrats and third world type police forces and governments out to line their own pockets through whatever avenue they possibly can.

Quite ironic that the French will issue fines and no doubt arrest individuals who commit the horrific offence of staying in a truck for more than 24 hours, yet do absolutely nothing to those entering their country illegally, stay in their country illegally and break in to UK bound trucks illegally while on French soil.

Maybe that leads us to the answer, perhaps the solution would be to park up near the beach in Calais, abandon the truck and take up shelter with the Syrians and Afghan’s in their tents for 45 hours. Live amongst people who are there completely illegally for 45 hours so that you can legalise your own drivers hours.

We should all do it so the rag heads have to go home every other weekend simples

They need to do something around lakeside and Thurrock services…every layby and verge is carved up and covered with crap from all the commie bloc living there for months at a time and never going home…thinking of one company With Belgian reg Dafs in particular!.

how will it be enforced then…