Wee Digi Tacho Question

Strange thing happened today, just thought i would ask.

Basically we usually drive analogue tacho motors, but they have been replaced with 07/57 plate MAN’s with digi tacho’s. No training, etc given by the company, just left to our own devices.

Started work today at 7am. First drop, there was another truck in so sat on POA for 30mins. Tipped and away and loaded next job. Had 18min break. Tipped again and headed for next load. Stopped at 12:55pm for 35 minute break. (Not anywhere near 4.5 hours driving) Set off loaded and back down to tip again (max 2 hours driving) Tipped and just set off when tacho flashed up 4:15 take a break showing just the 35 min break in the corner. I’m positive i changed the mode correctly at all times and took more than the required break times (18 + 35). Anyone any idea why it wouldn’t have taken the breaks into consideration?? Was it me or did the POA interfere with naything.


The spec’ for digi-tachos software was written well before the new rules came out.
As a result, the machines count 3 x 15 minute breaks as a full, legal break and resets your driving time counter etc.
Unfortunately they also count POA as break.

30 mins POA
18 mins break

48 mins, so driving time and break counters are reset to 0.

Later on you have a 35 minute break
You took your legally required breaks, POA interferes.

If, later on still, you had reached 4:30 driving from after that 18 minute break, then your digi-tacho would have started warning you that you were over-due a break. You can safely cancel this warning and ignore it until you have really reached 4:30 driving. Counting from when you finished your 35 minute break.

Cheers m8,

That sounds like exactly what happened. Only thing i was unsure about was if i had to stop when it flashed up the 4:15 warning and that it would be ‘stored’ on the card if i drove on with the warning.

Looks like you are in the same neck of the woods as me too. I stay not too far from Leven :slight_smile:

Simon i am having difficulty reading your script my eyes keep wandering to the left.