Wear bands on tyres

Does anyone know what the deal is when a tyre is worn down level with the broken band that signifies the tyre is ready for cutting?

As there is still around 3mm of depth each side of this band within the tyre tread is it still legal, or would the band have to be removed ASAP?

Hope it makes sense :confused:

For a truck (or motorcycle) the law says there must be 1mm of tread across 75% of the tread area of the tyre (the bit what touches the road). So if you’re down to the 3mm part…you’re still legal, but get them re-cut soonish.

I took over a truck for the week last week. On my first daily check, I found 1 “racing slick” and 2 “Dubious” tyres on the trailer. I asked the regular driver what the crack was and he said “if it’s round and black, it’s OK”

The wagon went no-where until it had 3 new tyres on the trailer!