Wasn't Me

Apologies to those delayed in Hackney the other day! Edit: forgot the link (few more pics!) tinyurl.com/ketx2c9

Maybe the ‘low bridge’ sign needs to be a bit bigger.

How the hell could anyone with an ounce of common sense not know that they could not get under that? Glad I aint on the road any more when I see these occurrences nigh on every day !

Pour your coco pops and wait on the postie to deliver your p45

Obviously they were driving the only “demountable” in the fleet! :confused:

And I hear the driver is still employed, though that may have changed since the weekend!

What a thick muppet, and we share the roads with them.

'Kinell !! He must’ve been absolutely tramming it down that road for the body to rip of completely like that. 3663 don’t have demountables,I stand to be corrected but their fleet are all rigids.

Apart from the Artics :wink:

Had a delivery to an underground service yard yesterday. Look up above the entrance before driving in .Max headroom 12 foot 10 inches. Is that right I ask the security bloke as my trailer is 13 foot 8 inches.
Oh take no notice of that you’ll fit came the response, He was right I did fit but only just, a few anxious checks whilst raising the trailer to to line it up with the bank but could’nt help thinking whats the point of the sign as mis information just causes people to doubt the correct information.

Last time I was down London way, it was me with a 15’’ 6’ curtainsider v 12’‘6’ bridge…
Thank God for those guys on the security ( North Acton ). Turned round in their yard… Phew!

He ripped the box completely off the wagon?

He ripped the box completely off the wagon?

No he forgot to put the legs before driving off or the wrecker set off sharpish and pulled the box off the back? :confused:
Seriously judging how far the chassis cab is from the bridge and the damage to the bridge protection and the debris at the point of impact, they obviously hit it at a minimum the limit for the stretch of road, totally oblivious to the fact that it would not clear it¬

The pictures are a bit deceiving…the box has been dragged back for recovery and the chassis has been pulled out for similar reason…I’ve since heard, the driver blamed his ■■■■■■■