Was this load legal?

On my way up the M1 today I passed an artic pulling a trombone trailer loaded with 4 skip like railway wagon bodies stacked 2 high. Each body measured about 30 feet meaning the trailer was extended to about 60 feet. There were no STGO boards on the tractor.

This set me thinking as to whether this load was legal or not. The bodies were shorter than a standard trailer so the load need not be overlength if loaded on 2 trailer. Could a load legally overhang a trailer by 15 feet and do special rules apply to trombone trailers?

Just a little poser which kept me thinking during the day today and I would be interested to see what you all thought.


If any part of the load was 60’ and not divisible then it was legal if it could be divided into two 30’ pieces then it was illegal. It doesn’t need STGO boards. If the over hang is over 10’ you need a second man. Along with all marker boards and lighting.

i agree with hollywood here you can not use an extendable trailer in this fashion,if useing it for a longload over 62ft rigid not including the unit it is to be notified to the relivent countys i.e police, highway agencies, councils then you need a compident second man . what this guy was doing is illegal .
(but i will check this one out ,

what this guy was doing is illegal

Correct… and extendable trailer can only be extended over 45 foot to carry an indivisible over length load.
Loads over 18.3 metres need notifying and second man
Long loads up to 27.4 metres can be pulled under C & U regulations , therefore the unit does not have to be STGO

Thanks for the replies. You have confirmed what I thought, that the load was not legal. I have also seen a trombone trailer loaded with 3 20 feet skips. Perhaps it was the same bloke?

Calv (no I dont want a job with VOSA)

Well it sounds like one company has found a way round the driver shortage. :laughing: