Dont it just drive you mad, stuff normally breaks down just after the warranty finishes. I bought an electric hammer drill, so i dont use it very often, but yesterday i decided to put up some wooden frame for my grape vine, to support the grapes when they arrive. So i needed to drill a couple of holes in the brickwork on the side of the garage, the only two i had left to do, when it decided to pack up, no power, so did the usual and changed the fuse still no joy, so seeing as it was a B&Q bought along with a sander and jigsaw, hunted for the receipt. It had a 2 year guarantee which i had written on the instruction book, anyway i cannot find the receipt, but i did remember throwing out some old receipts when i looked at the date and i forgot it was a 2 yr warranty, anyway gonna buy another new one tomorrow, and keep the receipt this time. I did phone B&Q but they couldnt help and said no receipt normally means no repair/exchange as its a store warranty because these tools are made for them. Its so annoying though as it was only bought just over a year ago in June 2013…■■■■ happens and i guess they dont make stuff like they used to and we live in a throw away country, it would cost me more to get it repaired than to buy another £18 in the tool station and with a chuck, i couldnt get on with the screw type as the drill bit kept coming loose.

You said it… don’t make stuff like they use to…My mum still has a kenwood chef from the 60s that still going strong, the nuking machine only broke last year after 28 years of faithful service and never broke down in all that time…a video player that we had when I was a kid lasted for about 20 years, I could go on…

Its all about making stuff at the minimum cost, as long as it lasts during any warrantee period thats all the manufactures are bothered about…

Check this article:
thisismoney.co.uk/money/bill … U-law.html
Especially the part theta says: Under UK law, buyers in England and Wales can get a partial refund or full repair up to six years after the purchase was made (five years from discovery in Scotland)."

I had this problem with a washing machine the packed in after 26 months, spoke to Dixons who fed me the usual crap. I then quoted some law i found on the internet but have no idea where it is now!!
As soon as i quoted European article (one of the good things to come from the EU!) whatever, section so and so, paragraph Ive no idea, they backed down and replaced the washing machine all together!
Have tried to find it again, i think its on the YouGov website somewhere, but as with all government websites its a nightmare to navigate!!

Bought a washing machine earlier this year from Argos. Took it back to the store today (I collected from there so wasn’t a home delivery involved) walked out with another brand new machine. No waiting for the repair, just replaced. Simples!

How did you pay for the drill in B&Q? If you used a credit or debit card the purchase will be on your statement and they might look favourably on your situation if you show them that. Especially as in your post you said they said.

I did phone B&Q but they couldnt help and said no receipt normally means no repair/exchange as its a store warranty because these tools are made for them

Normally suggests it’s not set in stone and there are exceptions.

Coffee you are right, but i cant be bothered with a £25 machine, i had thought of buying the same brand again today, and then taking the old one back to them with the receipt in say 3 months, but thats dishonest :laughing: :laughing: so i ended up at Tool station where i got another make for the same price and theyre gonna deliver it, so at least on wednesday i can drill the 2 holes that i intended, and then i can loan it to my mate who needs one for drilling holes in diesel tanks whatever that means. :laughing: :laughing: