wanna be a truck driver

Hi fellas, … and lady drivers :unamused: … I came on this site this time last year after considering taking lessons and parting with plenty of money to gain a class one licence.wanting to be truck driver for sometime I came looking for advice and opinions which there were plenty of . being a licence holder for thirty something years never had an accident thinking I am a safe responsible driver, :sunglasses: I thought it would be easy to drive a truck for a living but after reading posts on this site I decided that I would take that advice and try driving a 7.5 ton lorry for a while and see how it goes… :open_mouth: . I would like to thank all of you that posted that advice …first class…I took that advice and have had three months of highs and lows …I also realised that its not so easy … so to those drivers driving artics, hats of to you …and to those of you that I have passed on the road in the last few months that have been curtious and drive like professionals …thank you as a newbie finding my way its been a pleasure… :smiley: …to the others drivers that drive like bankers …(apologies for miss spelling)… Remember some of us just might be newbies…and not perfect like you… :imp: …I have seen some beautify scenery and driven during some amazing sunsets…had breaks in some services that smell of ■■■■ :frowning: …and had nights out on industrial estates …oh and I clipped a HSS van with the taillift and pulled its backboard off…thought I was clear enough to pull forward and turn …as I said earlier thirty yes no accidents or claims…three months and boom… :blush: …no damage to the taillift other than a scrape on the side…oh and got stopped by vosa on the way back from Scotland took in at Berwick and got a fixed penalty fifty pounds for having a truck table on the dash held up for four hours vehicle full check and then ran out of time when the A1 was closed on the way back to hull at the York turn off … I really enjoyed the night at ferrybride…all being said its going really well…don’t think I’m ready for class one driving just yet…take care all…

Good read glad your enjoying yourself. And I was debating on a truck table ill pass on it now thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:.

Good to hear your enjoying it, sods law does like to pop it head up.
I waited 27 year until last week before utilising my class 2 licence, why I didnt do it years ago is beyond me :wink:
The paper work and constant rules are more of an issue than the driving hours in my opinion I get more tiered doing the paper work than the driving :laughing:

Nice to here you took advice & that you are getting on

You could take the plunge & have a test drive remember that the Cat C is just a bigger version of what you are driving now

If I can do it so can you being all of 147 cm