Walkers of Peterlee

hello there chaps and chapesses, just wundring if anyone knows what they’re like to work for? drive safe and keep smiling :smiley: :smiley:

I used to haul for them when I was at City Trucks, us Scottish guys would drive empty from Livingston all the way to Peterlee, sit overnight then go to somewhere like Liverpool with the crisps.

We always got free samples, if you know what I mean, at least a case everytime.

They were a good bunch of lads there, the canteen was good as I remember, but we are talking nearly 7 years ago.


More recently,I used to go in and collect for Exel/Somerfield at Sherburn,as a backload to the RDC,or a load to Warrington.

Yes,you can use the canteen,and pretty good it was too,but the only samples we could get,had to be eaten on the premises.

The guys who worked there,seemed pretty happy with their lot.


Chrislee, you’ll have PM when it filters through the system.