Waitrose have been on to me today to see if i am still interested working for them?
Didn’t make the grade the first time round!!(22 years experience)
So what’s the crack, is it not all it seems■■?
Heard that drivers have started for them and after a couple of weeks have gone back to where they came from■■?
Anyone on here working for them at the mo that can give us a heads up :question:

Not working for them but a friend works out of Bardon. Is this direct or through an agency? What was it that they didn’t like the first time around?

If it’s direct & purely on minor things about your driving then I’d say take it. The job is better than many supermarket ones and Waitrose, as part of John Lewis, is a better option long-term, assuming that you can improve in the areas they found ‘lacking’.

If it’s agency then treat it exactly the same as any other agency job, only there until after Christmas.

Either way, the supermarkets are starting their run-up to the busy time and are all looking for half-decent drivers.