Waitrose Snelshall. Bank holiday friday Diary

I had 4 consignments on board,
14.30 x 1 pallet
15.30 x 7 pallets
17.30 x 5 pallets
19.30 x 1 pallet
Got there 14.20 & got told to go onto hard standing & wait in the drivers room with 6 chairs & 15 drivers.
Are there any rules & regs in these facility’s that these ‘Dumps’ are supposed to provide proper facilities ie chairs & drinking water, especially as they don’t allow us to sit in the cabs.
Drivers were telling us that they had been there for 5 & 6 hours, Standing in the Drivers ‘Pit’. One of them even kicked off about the banter/moaning after I commented on the lack of chairs. He even kindly gave up his chair, which I took with thanks. Every one went quiet !
Rang office & told 'em “I’m gonna be a while” !

17.00 I’d been told that its taking half an hour per wagon, there’s 4 in front of me so that takes me to 19.00 before I get on a bay, then I’ve got to shift bays because I’ve got Groceries & Home on board. Rang office got the usual ?!?!?!

17.40 & I’m still not on a bay.
I put my card in at 05.27 this morning, so I’ve got to pull it by 20.27.
Rang office to let them know Beer o’clock is looming !

18.15 still know where near getting put on a bay ! Rang office yet again (they must be getting ■■■■■■ off with me by now !) & got told that the MD was involved now & I could ‘Pull out’ at 18.30 ! Result !

18.35 rang office & whilst on the phone I asked the ‘Lovely Lady’ behind the glass “how long before I get on a bay” got told “there’s still 2 before you” RESULT number 2 !
"Ok, can I have my notes back ! I’m going home !!!
Left the Pox Hole at 18.40 with my 15 pallets still on board & more importantly, Not on Waitrose’s shelves for Bank Holiday Weekend.

I know it won’t make much difference, but it was a small victory for the Viking.
& I got home I’m time for Lady ‘V’
to have cooked dinner & poured me a pint of Nice Cold Premium Cider ! NICE !

They where probably celebrating their extra wags after it came out they had made a mess of peoples holiday pay since roughly 2006

To be fair, it’s a Kuhne + Nagel site.

They’re looking for drivers, bet they don’t ■■■■ them about like the supplier drivers !!!