Waiting time at the start of shift.How long?

How long you waiting time at the shift start,or you leave site some 30 minute time every day.■■?my top waiting time about 3 hours.

8.5 hours. Truck had been vandalised when I want to it, police came around, blah blah crime number not much we can do sir, kids under 16 etc.

8.5 hours into the shift I set off on my 3 hour each way run. :frowning:

Nearly 2 hours wait today as we are moving to larger premises next door and it’s chaos at the moment.

anything between 6 seconds and six hours…3 out of 5 shifts this week ive been sat reading my book for between half an hour and almost 2 hours.

do my 15min daily check and away i go … 95% of the time :slight_smile:

do my 15min daily check and away i go … 95% of the time :slight_smile:

6.5 hours when i was on agency for B&Q… then they tired to give me a double run…

Working nights for Swifts in Northampton many years back I started work at 6.00pm and was told there was no run for me that night so I could drive a fork lift, I refused, not because I couldn’t drive a fork truck, they knew I could because that was my first job on the company, I said no because it was not my job description anymore. I sat in the canteen till 3.am when they called me to the office and gave me a load for Stoud in Gloucestershire, I said I only had 6 hours left and couldn’t do it (it was a 12 hour spreadover back then).
“You’ll have to do it” said the ■■■■■■■.
“Ok but you’ll be comming to collect me”
He just told me to collect my notes and go. As promised I got back as far as Evesham (where I knew a young lady) :wink: I spent a couple of hours waiting for 2 guys in a car to get me, it cost the company 5 hours overtime for me waiting plus a night out payment, they never did it again.