WAI Got by Dear Boy

All though it’s not obvious from the photo but your looking at two motorways here, anybody know which ones. Also anybody guess where the picture is taken from. This was taken on a family day out just over a week ago.

Is it this country??

M1/M18 split ? Sheffield

BE close but not, so yes it is in this country.


Sorry but no.


Fastlad21 You’re half right, you have one of the motorways.

M1 A1M

M1 / M18

No ones got it yet.

M62/ M621.

Still no, although you got one of them.

M62 / M606

M1 M621 Leeds

M62 M602 Bradford

Sorry, DD but close.

M62/ A1(M) around Pontefract/Ferrybridge?

DB you are spot on. Zooming out you can see the cooling towers at Ferrybridge. Any one care to guess which historic building the photo was taken from. I’m sure Wolfie would get it easily but he doesn’t seem to be around much lately.

It’s Pontefract Castle, I nearly included that but thought the picture was taken too close, didn’t realise it was cropped. Must be a bad-■■■ camera you use.