W.T.F. Is this driver doing? - Chilliwack, BC

The left lane was wide open…

using his initiative perhaps?..inside lane full of lemmings waiting in the tailback for the exit road etc? you might imagine he knows where he is going driving so positively

Never know out there might be a cop etc you just don’t know

I’m still trying to wrap my head around this… There was a closed lane up ahead. And for once everyone was trying to be nice, and stay right to keep traffic moving. Then this jack ■■■ figures the shoulder was the best lane of choice.

21 seconds of my life wasted.

Cheers pal

You know its bad when someone who averages a post every 4 months feels annoyed enough to comment :laughing:

So, the left lane was “wide open” yet it was “closed up ahead” (so not really “wide open” at all). For whatever reason, he dived through the nice gap that the lorry driver thoughtfully left for him. No-one appears to have got hurt and no damage appears to have been caused. AFAICS no-one was obliged to hit the brakes or take any form of avoiding action whatsoever. Maybe the lorry driver spilled his coffee (wouldn’t have happened if he’d been watching his mirrors as he’d have seen the car in plenty of time). TBH I see far worse most days on the M6 - especially on the approach to Spaghetti Junction.