VOSA on M6

Been doing a night trunk to Warrington this week and on Monday around 7ish saw 2 VOSA vechiles on the M6 near Brum, 1 north bound and 1 south bound a bit further up. Again last night saw 1 on the south bound side. They were on the hard shoulder lights flashing.

Are they having a crack down in that area?


Saw one on the A38 this morning.

no,vosa has a base just before junction eight on the m6 north bound, the whole area is crawling with em every day! though to be fair i’ve seen em helping wagons with blow outs a couple of times in the last two weeks.

They are probably the Highways Agency ones, same colour as VOSA. They are there to aid the traffic cops in sorting out Rta’s and breakdowns.

Basicly so the cops can get on with their real job, you know catching speeders ect :wink: :wink: