Volvo says goodbye to the diesel car

After 45 years relationship with that oil burning power train Volvo makes it’s very last diesel car & it goes straight into the museum. Volvo makes its last diesel car and puts it in a museum | Electrek

I’m no Mystic Meg but I reckon that decision will rank alongside Gerald Ratner telling everyone his jewelry was crap, or the fella who refused to sign The Beatles. Time will tell.

I think you’re right. As a diesel Volvo owner (they’re really good qualifying in Autotraders 0-60 in 8secs with £20 road tax - sorry still too tight to buy a 4.5 V8 :sob:)
It’s a sad day. Electric might be great, but batteries are not the answer.

Our XC90s are petrol hybrid, we get similar MPG to our diesel Discos. I was thinking of buying a diesel Volvo as my next car.

Usually I wouldn’t ever have a diesel car but the JLR 6 cylinder diesels V6 305 Disco and the new straight 6 are exceptions that prove the rule.Both are similar in sound and power delivery to a big V12.

I have a diesel Civic (8th Gen 2.2) I’m also toying with replacing it with a 9th Gen 1.6D.

It’s not just Volvo retiring ICE vehicles, Porsche are retiring the petrol Macan, Cayman & Boxster ICE cars.
The Macan was retired in Europe because of cybersecurity software fears but it will still be for export markets,

"Porsche retired the Macan early due to new cybersecurity rules. Its availability ends in July 2024. The gas-powered 718 Boxster and Cayman are now set for the same fate.

The real question is continuing product support in terms of parts and service for existing ICE vehicles petrol or diesel.
I’ve got no real issues with the end of diesel product support.But a shame that the best diesel’s have come at the end before their time in that regard.
But customers should then be made aware that it’s a depreciation liability.PCP contracts on diesel vehicles at least aren’t showing such an issue, yet.
The truth is this anti ICE crusade has the potential to crash the automotive and banking sectors in a negative equity catastrophe.Diesels obviously being the first in line.